Issue Areas

DU's Grand Challenges initiative seeks to impact our communities by working in three separate issue areas:

  • Improving Daily Living
  • Increasing Economic Opportunity
  • Advancing Deliberation & Action for the Public Good

Improving Daily Living

The first issue area explored by DU's Grand Challenges project aims to identify and address the interconnected challenges that affect daily living in our communities. Through intentional community-university collaboration​, we seek to meet our communities’ basic needs and confront issues like violence, environmental sustainability and health and wellness. 

Grants provided through DU Grand Challenges have helped to improve technology access for low-income residents, teach young people empathy and financial skills and create inter-generational social connections.

Increasing Economic Opportunity

Increasing economic opportunity includes expanding education access, improving infrastructure, fulfilling employment rights, and decreasing poverty.​

During the 2018-2019 academic year, we are engaging with our communities to identify shared aspirations for increasing economic opportunity. The action phase will commence in the 2019-2020 academic year.

Advancing Deliberation & Action for the Public Good

Advancing deliberation and action for the public good includes amplifying youth voice and deepening civic engagement, as well as preparing new leaders and strengthening our connections to each other.

Campus CTA

Get Involved!

If you have insights regarding one of our issue areas, or feel as if you're in position to contribute to our projects, we encourage you to take part in our Forums, A Community Table and other DU Grand Challenges events.