Increasing Economic Opportunity

Increasing economic opportunity can include actions that range from expanding education access and improving infrastructure to fulfilling employment rights and decreasing poverty. 

Through Forums, 'A Community Table,' and other programming, we’ve explored shared aspirations for increasing economic opportunity. Now it’s time to take collaborative action. 

Increasing Economic Opportunity- Gathering Aspirations


DU Grand Challenges Forums bring together campus and community experts to share bold and provocative ideas that spark discussion among attendees on how the topic impacts our communities, providing fuel and inspiration for bold actions that help our communities thrive.

Upcoming Forums

A Community Table

A Community Table is an online platform through which you can engage in structured, meaningful, solution-oriented conversations about the issues that matter most to you and your community. DU Grand Challenges provides the tools (sample invitations, conversation guides, facilitation training webinars, and more) that you need to host a conversation. You choose when, on what platform, and with whom to have that conversation. It's that simple. 


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