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Direct connections with our community are essential to tackling Grand Challenges. To foster those connections, we host events designed to spark the imagination of what's possible for affecting change in our communities. We rally community members, researchers and students to share their energy and expertise as we work to develop solutions to our society's most pressing challenges. Together, we strive to improve our communities and world.


In the DU Grand Challenges Forum series, leaders in scholarship and practice give lightning talks to provide a spark for small-group discussion among participants on how the topic impacts our communities. This, along with shared aspirations, provide the fuel for identifying bold actions that move the needle forward in addressing complex issues that affect our communities. Each year, the Forum series will highlight topics related to the interconnected issues that tie into improving daily living, increasing economic opportunity and advancing deliberation and action for the public good.

Previous topics have included:

Improving Daily Living Forums

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Health and Healthy Development
  • Meeting Basic Needs
  • Addressing Violence
  • Migration

Increasing Economic Opportunity Forums

  • Education Access
  • Access to Work
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Workplace Equity

A Community Table

A Community Table is an ambitious, one-day event to bring small groups together across the globe to share aspirations for increasing economic opportunity in our communities. This could include expanding education access, improving infrastructure, fulfilling employment rights, decreasing poverty and more. These aspirations will inform what collective actions DU Grand Challenges will select to increase economic opportunity.

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