DUGC Education Equity Student Scholars

Apply now to become a DU Grand Challenges Education Equity Student Scholar!

In partnership with the Morgridge College of Education and Gary Community Ventures, the Center for  Community Engagement to advance Scholarship is recruiting 50 DU students to participate in the DU  Grand Challenges Education Equity Student Scholars program.

Education Equity Scholars are undergraduate and graduate students who want to learn more about  education equity as well as concrete skills and tools for making change in P-20 education.

Scholars serve as math (grades 4-7) and literacy (grades K-3) tutors in Denver Public Schools through Gary Community Ventures' Learning League. They also work with near-peer mentors to create  and implement personal social justice action plans and document their journey through a critical  reflection ePortfolio. Over the course of your time as a Scholar, your mentors will help you integrate your academic experiences, personal interests, and your tutoring experience through  critical reflection. Through this process, you will learn more about yourself, your communities, and how you can work together to make positive social change.

Tutoring sessions will typically be held after school from 3pm to 5:30pm. Scholars are expected to  tutor at least 3 days a week (7-15 hours per week) and will be paid an hourly wage of $18.25 for their time.

Scholars will receive paid training and ongoing support, ensuring they are able to use  evidence-based interventions and an accompanying technology platform to deliver curricula, assess and track student growth, and serve as an academic mentor. Scholars will be responsible for working with a consistent, small group of students meeting with them at least three times a week. We ask that Scholars commit to a minimum of 7-15 hours per week.

•     Conduct small group tutoring sessions using curricula provided by Gary Community Ventures for a minimum of one semester.
•     Build positive relationships with students, families, and colleagues.
•     Assist students to improve their reading/math skills and abilities.
•     Commit to a weekly schedule to meet with groups of students (approximately 4 students in each group) 3 times per week.
•     Assess, with a high level of accuracy, students’ progress through monitoring and benchmarking.
•     Document students’ weekly progress scores and interventions using an online database system.
•     Communicate with students in developmentally and age-appropriate ways.
•     Act on feedback and coaching from Learning League Tutor Coordinators.
•     Participate in professional learning opportunities and ongoing training.
•     Meet and critically reflect with near-peer mentors.
•     Communicate professionally with colleagues.
•     Ensure confidentiality of all student records and test scores.
•     Provide program feedback.
•     Create a critical reflection ePortfolio.
•     Other duties as necessary.

Qualifications and Qualities

•     Interest in education, specifically helping young children develop early language and literacy skills.
•     Dedication to community service.
•     Basic computer skills, including the ability to navigate online systems and email.
•     Attention to detail.
•     Organized, responsible, flexible, motivated, and professional.
•     Willing to accept and incorporate constructive feedback from coaches and program staff.
•     Ability to work with diverse personalities and team members.
•     Ability to adapt to a sometimes challenging, high-pressure environment.
•     Strong personal standards of excellence, ethics, and integrity.
•     Must pass mandatory background checks.
•     Must be willing to comply with COVID-19 safety precautions.
•     Speak, read, and write English fluently.
•     Must be able to work in the United States.

Additional benefits:

•     Paid training and robust professional development experiences.
•     Opportunities to learn from leaders in the education field.
•     Access to the Colorado Education Corps network and Alumni.
•     Professional Certifications and/or credits.

The application can be found here. The deadline to apply is Friday, September 30th, at 11:59pm. Interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis and conclude on October 1st. Scholars are required to participate in online training with Gary Community Ventures during the week of October 4th-8th. 
Scholars begin tutoring in Denver Public Schools on October 11th. All Scholars must be able to pass a background check.

Please email ccesl@du.edu with any questions.